Watercolor Classes with Robin Young

“Before children speak, they sing.
Before they write, they paint.
As soon as they stand, they dance.
Art is the basis of human expression.”
—Author Unknown



Why I teach

Soon after I began my painting career in 1990, I began teaching to share my joy of watercolor with others. My love for teaching became rooted in watching people discover they can do way more than they ever imagined. Too many are quick to say NO to a creative possibility, yet secretly long to try. I teach to encourage those people to give themselves a chance. A student nurtured in a safe environment, and given solid academic information about color, composition and effectively using design principles is one free to explore, play and experiment in order to put down on paper the way they, in a one-of-a-kind way, see the world.


What I teach

I have been asked what is the best way a person can learn to paint. My first response is find a good teacher. What is a good teacher? If you find a teacher that insists their way is THE way to paint….run! There is no one way to paint. As your teacher, my intent is not to teach you to paint the way I paint but instead, assist you in finding the way you paint. I will demonstrate some of the techniques I have learned through the years that work for me. Class time will be your chance to try it and see if it works for you. My job as facilitator in your process is to share what I have learned, supply academic information about design, color theory and creating strong compositions. I will provide information and a safe environment for you to play and experiment.

Who I teach

Adults (over 17) some who have never painted (Beginners) others with painting experience (Intermediates). In addition to classes I also teach private one-on-one sessions, critiques for individuals or groups and coaching opportunities.

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Contact me for more details: Robin Young 681-319-5943 or robinyoungstudio@gmail.com