Scott Cawood

“The first and most important thing I have to say about my work is that it speaks for itself. Loud and clear.”


Born in Baltimore, MD, 1954, Scott Cawood Graduated Middletown High School in 1972 and enlisted in the US Coast Guard from 1975-1979. Cawood lives and works at his residence in historic Antietam MD. where he has been a professional artist since 1992. His log house, circa 1790, was built to house workers for the nearby Antietam Iron Works.

Scott’s work has been included in public, corporate and private collections and galleries worldwide, and in the Mesa, AZ Contemporary Arts Museum and in the Delta Blues Museum, Clarksdale MS.

Artist’s Statement: “I realize that each of us perceive things differently and not everyone will come away from my pieces the same as I do. I create them to act as my voice beyond what I am able to relate through any other means and to allow a physical outlet for my imagination. My commitment to that approach serves me well and I feel it gives the best opportunity for others to find a voice within for themselves. To my mind the visual  ability of the work to speak for itself is my ultimate goal. I use steel, especially scrap steel because I feel it. Yes I actually like the feel of it, its texture and physical properties speak to me and well reflect my true nature. I also embrace the idea of not wasting objects that have seemingly lost their value to our society. I believe that through the magic of transformation they still have very much to offer if we only allow ourselves the time and patience to venture beyond the immediate.”