Bruce Fransen Wood Sculptor

“It all starts with a log and a chain saw.”

Sculptor, musician, and arborist; Bruce grew up in Centerport, New York about a mile from the seashore. The sea, in the form of the bays and harbors of Long Island Sound, has supplied Bruce with an abundance of creative images and inspiration for all of his artistic endeavors. Combining these “sea juices” with 30 plus years of tree preservation experience – pruning, diagnosing, taking down of dead or hazardous trees – has afforded Bruce a deep understanding of wood and the treasures that lie within. “Green” business is important to Bruce. His carving wood is repurposed from his tree business. He does not import exotics thereby maintaining a small carbon footprint.

Bruce’s educational experience at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia has helped provide formal structure to his artistic pursuits, and helped to cement an artful way of life.  Bruce is also an accomplished musician who has played the woodwinds professionally for more than 40 years. His improvisational approach to music also applies to his sculpture. Bruce feels a profound relationship between his music, his sculpture, the sea, and trees and devotes himself to teasing the magical forces held in their balance.

The process: Bruce’s creations are carved – not turned. They all start with a log and a chain saw. After roughing out with chain saws the creations are refined with grinders, sanders and fine tool hand work. Most pieces are brought to a high polish to enhance the grain as well as the tactile experience.